Author : Anjali Sinha


What is your biggest day? Your wedding day, most probably. Because wedding is the day when we look better, feel better and eat better. Everyone does every possible thing to meet ends and make whole wedding scenario, a memorable scenario.

And it is a huge task in itself to work throughout D-day and to make every single guest please (and they will still find a way to crib). So, to avoid these situations all you need is a wedding planner. Wedding planners are those individual or organization that plans and canvass accordingly and arrange everything accurately. But most of us avoid hiring wedding planners because of random reasons and end up messing up thing on D-day.

Here are top reasons to hire a wedding planner:

 #1 You deserve everything to be perfect on your big days

Wedding indeed gives memories which last forever and everything has to be perfect. A wedding planner is a must choice for weddings as they know every tits and bits of organizing a wedding and of course they have planned several weddings in past too. Hence, they are important for every wedding.

#2 Your wedding planning experience should be enjoyable, not stressful.

Weddings are meant to be having fun and to enjoy. But if you need to plan everything at your wedding and that too without any help, it will only led to stress and would decrease fun moments. To avoid this situation, all you need is to get a wedding planner who will do all required work and deal with everything and all you do is fun and pamper yourself.

#3 You will save time and money.

Time and money are two things which need to be pre- planned before hand and they are the only two things that never planned accordingly. So, you need an experienced person who plans everything timely and that too in your budget.

#4 You don’t want to spend hours finding suppliers and trying to figure out who is trustworthy

Wedding has 1000 of things to work on and to plan about and it goes without saying that no one wants to spend hours finding suppliers and then play guessing-game to find out who is trustworthy and who is not. It is one of the hardest task of any wedding and a daunting one too. Once you hire great wedding planner, they make everything right and come up with trustworthy people to get best price and best results.

#5 You are struggling to meet the demands of your friends and family.

Every person at your wedding would have different perception and different outlook for your wedding. And willingly or unwillingly, you have to deal with conflicting opinions and ideas and it is hard to please everyone. But a wedding planner will deal with each person and would make plans according to available options and that too effortlessly.

#6 You need help making your vision a reality.

Everyone has a vision of their ideal marriage but let’s face it even after days of struggling, some things would left us with disappointment and it is really heart-breaking to realize them later on. A wedding planner can help you to make your vague idea or vision a reality; they’ll define look, style and emotions that you want to create at your D-day. They’ll help you with latest trends and ideas to bring you an ideal marriage.

#7 You are planning a wedding somewhere other than where you live- Destination Wedding

Destination weddings have become a trend these days. It has its own unique features but organizing suppliers and other things would create mess. Hence, wedding planner is a must to organize everything perfectly. He would do jobs as you want.

Wedding planner has become a must for everybody these days. They are not only privilege for rich but a boon for everyone.