Author : Anjali Sinha

Every married or to be-married woman waits for a day and that is “Karwa Chauth” (most probably). A festival which has its own significance and quite popular in North India, Karwa Chauth always brings colors of love, sense of community and happiness. Gone are the days when only wives fast for their husbands but now husbands also fast for their beloved wives and make them feel special because love is a two-way thing. Right?

So, to make this Karwa Chauth memorable, we have compiled some amazing things that all you need to do this Karwa Chauth.

#1 Choose a perfect outfit

When it comes about clothing, we ladies have several ideas from its color to fabric. We take care of everything and plan every single detail in advance. Gone are the days when we have to stick with shades of red or say only “red”. Latest fashion trends gave us different colors too to look good and to create new magic. This time you can choose some colors out of the box like mauve, salmon, sea green, blue and many more. (*excited*)

#2 Perfect make-up for a perfect festival

Eye-liner on point is one thing we ladies always dreamt off, right? Hence, it is necessary to get ready with a perfect make-up which is neither too loud nor too light. Sometimes a single kajal do wonders. So, whatever make-up product you are going to use make sure they are not over-done or under-done.

P.S. Keep in mind your husband or fiancé loves real beauty of yours.

#3 Mehandi (Henna)                                        

We are talking about make-ups then how can we forget Mehandi. Mehandi signifies beauty and love and it looks amazing on a woman’s hands. You’ll look mind-numbingly beautiful.

#4 Remember “Twinning” is always equal to “Winning”

Twinning is becoming a trend-setter these days so why not keep your twinning game high with your partner in Karwa Chauth too. You and your partner can wear same color outfits and can become a talk among your relatives. Trust me, you both will look super amazing and can give “couple-goals” to others too. (*Super-excited*)

#5 Develop sense of community

Karwa Chauth is not only about you and your partner but it is also about engaging with others throughout the festival. Relatives, friends and family- everybody would be there. So, take it as an opportunity and try to make good relations with everyone.

#6 Gifting is important

It is a nice gesture if you show some love with some gifts. Big or small but a gift is gift and they help to say things that you are not able to speak up.

#7 A good food is must

After all, good food is necessary after a whole day of fast (that too without water). You can go out to have dinner and you can have Indian, Chinese, Thai or whatever is your favorite platter and end up day with some sweets/ ice-creams or chocolates. (*Yum!*)