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International Artist Management

Dazzling Entertainment is a prominent international artist management company grounded in New Delhi. We deal with various international talents and flairs. We introduce different talents from different communities and bring the best to India.

It is nice to see international talents to various Indian occasions and functions. One can get them for events like, opening ceremonies, weddings, corporate meets, dance shows, etc. Mainly, we help international talents to come and showcase their talents to Indian audience and to earn name and fame simultaneously.

We believe in making dreams true and to serve satisfaction among clients. We are a unique hub of talents like Belly dancers, magical pixel poi, human fountain girl, international instrument players like saxophone, violin, flute, etc., flute mermaids, etc. Every act is unique in its own way and they sparkle up the events in a moment. We have everything for everyone according to need and desire.

We love to introduce various flairs to our Indian customers and people are already liking them and booking them for their concerned occasion. It is an icing on the cake to mesmerize the guests by showing unforgettable performances. They’ll definitely appreciate your arrangements.

We provide:

Russian Belly Dancers

Moulin Rouge Dance Troupe

Tanoura Act

International Solo musicians

International Saxophone Players

International Violin Players

Flute Mermaids

Human Fountain Girl

And many more to explore…

These all acts are wonderful and give true to life experience to the viewers.

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