It’s an Indian wedding and Bollywood songs are not playing how it can be possible. Hence, it is very important to add a day to move your feet in the busy schedule.

#Dazzling Entertainment has a lot of ideas for a sparkling and melodies ladies sangeet. Here are a few.

Themed-party: Be it a red-carpet theme or retro one; a themed party is a fabulous idea. Even if you want to do it more modern you can make it a carnival or casino theme too. A theme party has different decors and everyone would love it and would definitely not want to leave the party.

Themed 1

Hosting the program: The event should start with a well-known and eminent anchor that can make the event happy and lively with his/her spoken power. We, Dazzling Entertainment, have many prominent anchors that have all the abilities to add sparkles in the ladies sangeet.

A romantic slide show about how couple met: Photographs and music has power to express happiness and love. It’s a very new and innovative idea that all their photographs are presenting in background and music and dance by dancers or relatives show their love. It’s a powerful performance and can light up mood of everyone in few second.

Photo Booth: Who does not love to be clicked? We all love it. And it would an icing on the cake if we arrange an innovative photo booth nearby the dance stage. Everybody would love the idea and especially by the youngsters. Photo booths can be different designs. It may be decorative auto rickshaw or an airplane or a pretty car. You can have an instant photo guy who prints out the photos and hand them to your guests. They will be mesmerized and will remember the event by watching photographs.

Props: Huge sunglasses, tiara, mickey hair bands or hair bands with pom pom and funny masks will add mood to party.

Human Fountain Girl: You can have a live fountain girl at your entrance. This is so elegance, beautiful and will be remembered by guests. You can have her through Dazzling Entertainment.

Bollywood Dance Troupes:  If you all are Bollywood fans then it would be nice to have Bollywood troupes in your event. They’ll definitely add sparkles to the event.

Star Performance: You can end your Sangeet by inviting any celebrity for dance performance. People will cheer and this will also add mood, feel and happiness to your party.

Nothing can be great to have a star at your event.