Author : Anjali Sinha

How about keeping your fusion game on point not only in clothing and make-up but also in theme. We have amazing ideas for you to give your desi wedding, a videshi twist.

For Live Music Lovers:

If you love live music then we have Russian Singer Svetlana  for you. This female singer has melodious voice and she sings effortlessly Bollywood songs too. She has been honored as prominent singer by “world book of records.” She is a musical diva and is now quite popular in Indian Society too.


Tanoura Act from Egypt:

To all the folks whose heart skips a beat when they talk about Egypt and its culture, we have Egyptian Tanoura Act for them. This is one of the most watched acts throughout the country. This act consists of the large skirt  with LEDs. This fantastic dance performance with spinning skirt mesmerizes the audience and guest with the whirling of large skirt with heart touching music. These Tanoura dancers are so perfect with their dance style that your guests will never ever forget this mesmerizing performance.

Tanoura (2)

Flute Mermaid

Flute mermaid act now growing fast in India too. The unique set-up of mermaids coming out of sparkling shell and playing Bollywood jingles with flute will add charm to your wedding functions. The whole set-up gives actual feel of sea-life and mermaids.


Welcome your guests in different way this time

You can hire foreigner ladies to welcome your guests to add western touch to your wedding. Dressed in white gowns they look like angel coming right from heaven.


Carnival Bride and/or Groom entry

To give a whole look of carnival, you can opt for carnival entry that too with foreigner bride maids. It is new and trendy and will make your guests mesmerize.


You can book all of the above mentioned talents from us, Dazzling Entertainment.